carbon briefcase

We are a design and innovation consultancy.



We are designers, inventors, engineers, and entrepreneurs.   We rapidly carry product concepts into market reality by leveraging our technical experience and focused creative process.

Our core values include:

Intentional Design

We're committed to working with our clients to deliver compelling customer experiences.


Simple is Good

We believe the simplest solution is usually the best, and is most likely to succeed from a technical and commercial perspective.


Design in Public

We don't want to hide our ideas until they're perfect.  Instead, we design and invent in public, and seek feedback as soon as possible.



Michael Sargent founded the company in August 2010.  Since then, he has used a hands-on engineering approach to solve many design challenges.

I believe good design is simple and honest.  We have to always focus on the user experience. That's how we maximize value for end-users and the businesses that serve them.
-Michael Sargent, Engineer, President, Dr. Pepper Enthusiast